Modified Radical Mastectomy

Retroperitoneal Sarcoma

Excision of Retroperitoneal tumor with resection of right kidney and bowel

Radical distal D2 Gastrectomy

ITF Clearance with Neck dissection

Craniofacial Resection

Craniofacial Resection

Post op craniofacial Resection

Craniofacial Resection specimen

Whipple surgery

Whipple's specimen

Abdomino Perineal Resection specimen

Tongue cancer after resection and RAFF reconstruction

Ca buccal mucosa after resection and marginal mandibulectomy

TRAM Flap reconstruction after MRM

Total Thyroidectomy specimen

Specimen mammogram after wire localization and BCS

BCS Specimen

Limb salvage surgery for osteosarcoma upper end of humerus

Sentinel lymphnode biopsy

Sentinel lymphnode biopsy using Gamma probe

Breast conservation surgery incision planning

Breast conservation surgery after WLE and reconstruction

Total gastrectomy

Total Esophagectomy

Lap Right Hemicolectomy

Mucinous adenocarcinoma Right Ovary